Risk Scanner

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Aggregate risk ratings / scores data from different producers and allow consumers to query through API.

Risk Note

  • Please note that this meter currently only supports token addresses.
  • If you pass-in a non-token address (e.g. NFT), the meter result may not be accurate. Please also note that there are two producers, hashdit and Go+, currently providing data to this meter. If you the “sources” field in the response only shows one of the two producers, the meter result may not be accurate.


Meter is a tool for indicative purposes only to allow users to check the reference risk level of a BNB Chain Smart Contract based on various criteria including but not limited to data accessed through auto-scan tools, algorithm models and the level of transparency and accuracy of the contract. Risk levels appearing on Meter should not be construed as a recommendation, vetting or endorsement of the BNB Chain Smart Contract by AvengerDAO, BNB Chain or any other affiliated entity. Do your own research - you are solely responsible for your investment decisions, and interactions with any BSC Smart Contract is at your own risk.